Monthly Archives: June 2014

Automatic Chicken Hatch

Every morning and night a member of my family has to go outside and open/close the hatch on our chicken coop. In the winter it can be a pain doing it at late at night and early in the morning.
To solve the problem, I wrote an Arduino program that periodically read an LDR and moved a servo attached to the hatch at the appropriate level of darkness.
Unfortunately, our chickens died before I had a chance to install the system, but it was fun developing it.

Laser Cutting

A while ago I was privileged to discover the Brockford Barn education center, which had creative and fascinating facilities and mentors for anything involving building and design.

One of the numerous manufacturing tools at Brockford Barn was a laser cutter, and the moment I saw it I loved it! Over the course of a few weeks I was taught how to use the laser cutter and accompanying software to design and manufacture anything I could imagine. Here are a few of my cuts which I designed and built myself in the process of learning about and acquitting myself with laser cutting.









For the ReCoRVVA project I laser cut a mount for the camera and headlight, moved on x and y axes by two servos.