Monthly Archives: July 2014

LED multi torch

I love LEDs. There, I said it.
I just can’t get enough of the different types and varieties, so consequently I have quite a collection.
One weekend I found an old playing card tin, so I decided to turn it into a torch with different types of LED, and a laser as well.
There was no particular purpose to this project, just for fun.


On one side of the tin I put three RGB LEDs, which have individual buttons for red, green and blue, as well as a switch that enables fading and mixing of colours, via 3 knobs (50K pots). There is a knob each for the amount of red, green and blue. This means any colour can be achieved by mixing the amount of red, green and blue.

On the other side of the tin there are two bright white LEDs, and a laser diode. Individually, they can be turned on/off with a momentary switch, or toggled on/off by a two way toggle switch.

The whole thing is mounted on stripboard, with all the circuitry on the inside.