Monthly Archives: January 2016


IMG_20160124_135902005My latest project has been to build my own Quadcopter.



I spent a while researching in late 2015, got some parts for Christmas, and have been building since. As you can see from the costings graph above, my main expense was the RC transmitter, as I decided to go for one that supports telemetry. For a flight controller, IMG_20160124_081304359the Arducopter project appealed to me as it uses completely open source software and hardware, so I can customise/hack any part of it I like. I chose an S500 frame as it’s suitable for aerial photography but not too large, and it comes with a PDB (Power Distribution Board), which makes cable management a lot easier.

It had its maiden flight today, and now that it’s working in its most basic form I’m looking forward to adding a camera, and having a fiddle with the source code 🙂